Winning the Covid-19 War with Happiness — Amlesh Ranjan

Don’t Be Alarmed, Stay Alert, Become Happy — Amlesh Ranjan
  • Happiness boosts our immune system
  • Happiness can also act as a barrier between you & germs
  • Happiness is linked to lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • People who are happier enjoy greater protection against stress
  • Happy people, comparatively, experience fewer aches and pains
  • Happiness acts as a protective factor against disease and disability
  • Happiness can help people cope with arthritis and chronic pain better
  • Happiness is contagious; you stay happy, all around you will be happier
  • Let’s be Grateful for who we have and all that we have in our life
  • Let’s be Grateful to all who are fighting this coronavirus war for us
  • Let’s be even more Caring and Protective of Elderly and Children
  • Let’s be Helpful and Supportive of all who work for us
  • Let’s be extra Loving towards our spouse / partners
  • Let’s ensure our Deliverables to the organization
  • Let’s step up our Exercise and Yoga activities
  • Let’s learn to look within and do Meditation
  • Let’s read the Books we were planning to, for long
  • Let’s Write the articles / blogs that we wanted to
  • Let’s Compose couplets/poems and share with all
  • Let’s listen to and Sing/Play the favorite Music/song
  • Let’s watch the Movies that we always loved
  • Let’s Enjoy the web series that is of interest to us
  • Let’s Cook meals/dishes for our near and dear ones
  • Let’s be Generous with our likes & emojis on posts
  • Let’s read and Share jokes with everyone around
  • Let’s keep smiling and make everyone, Smile




The Life, Learning, Leadership

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Amlesh Ranjan

Amlesh Ranjan

The Life, Learning, Leadership

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