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10 Years of Learn>Share>Learn… -Amlesh Ranjan

The very prestigious global platform, ‘eyeforpharma Commercial Excellence & SFE’ conference, 30th March’2011, in Hilton, Düsseldorf, Germany; I was honored to begin my journey as a Speaker.

On 30th March’2021, when I addressed the MBA, Pharma students of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER), Ahmedabad, I clocked exactly 10 years.

It has been such a rewarding voyage, I, being the biggest beneficiary. Continuing in the same spirit of Learn>Share>Learn…, presenting the Why, What & How of Speaking, as I see/do.

First of all, the Dusseldorf experience. Going all the way from Mumbai, India, ten years back, speaking for the first time on an industry forum, what a wonderful new beginning it has been.

Speaking to a global audience, I could convincingly present on Co-creation Of Value In Partnership With The Customer with reference to healthcare.

While, I earned good appreciation from all, one of the most admired management thinkers of our time, who has pioneered- “Building Remarkable Organizations and Social Movements powered by Viral Change” — Leandro Herrero too appreciated my presentation and wrote back to me- “Co-creation of Value is such a noble goal”. Of course, his keynote was the highlight of the conference.

It was also great to be part of a panel discussion moderated by “The World’s Leading Authority on the Evolution of the Pharma and Medtech Industry” — Professor Brian D Smith.

With co-panelist like Angela Baker Lee and Carlos Martinez Jaime, and Prof. Brian, so very admirably, leading the show, it was great learn-Share-Learn times for me.

Between Dusseldorf and Ahmedabad, I have been regularly speaking across forums on varied topics, sharing the Why, What & How of Speaking, as I see/do-


When the eyeforpharma invite landed in my mailbox, I was a bit surprised. Yes, I was active on virtual forums and am a pioneering Commercial Excellence professional/leader in India but the thought of speaking on a forum, that too a global one, never occurred.

As I was addressing ‘Specialty Pharma’ section, I chose the Co-creation of Value topic, a bit ahead of its time but very relevant. While preparing, I did enormous amount of research, and read C K Prahalad’s book, “The Future of Competition”, I have borrowed heavily from.

pic: brainyquotes.com

In the whole process, from preparing to presenting to participating, I gained enormously as a pharma professional/leader. Once back in India, Anup Soans, Editor, MedicinMan got in touch with me for a talk and I have not stopped speaking. This also created new highly enriching relationships — Hariram Krishnan Sir, Deep Bhandari and Salil Kallianpur and forums like CPhI ubm.


Before stepping into the Business Leadership role, I have been lucky to contribute to pioneering and then leading the functions/teams of Commercial Excellence, Market Access, and Key Account Management. Healthcare Partnership building & Disease Management too were part.

As all these very critical domains have been developing in our industry, it gave me immense satisfaction to propagate the importance and understanding of these key imperatives of Pharma.

Dusseldorf was just the beginning followed by MedicinMan platform, but other national and international forums kept happening. To start with, my talks were on Excellence or Access related areas, but then my experience grew further, and my topics started including Marketing, Digital, Leadership and even Learning & Development.

Icing on the cake is my recent pod-chat on ‘Mental Health & Well Being’, sharing my Life Philosophies, Yoga & Meditation with my colleague and friend, @Nick Bellinger for the Sanofi internal social media forum/group.

Range of topics as a Speaker


To me, making a presentation is like Storytelling. Creating a coherent and lucid narrative, on a business topic, has been the challenge, that I thrive on. While, you

You do share complex data and complicated models, it can still be interesting- Good Opening, Clear Structure, Engaging Flow & Apt Closing. So, Grab attention; Tell, what you are going to tell; Tell the story & Tell in a nutshell, what you told.

While, sharing my understanding & expertise has been the key goal, speaking on a forum has also given me opportunities to propagate the Values, the mantras, which are very dear to my heart –

1st: “Healthcare is First a Responsibility, and only then, an Opportunity”. I have firmly believed that, in Life Sciences, all must operate with a sense of creating Value. Business should not be a starting point, contributing to health should be.

2nd: “The Value, You Add, comes from the Values, You Hold”. This has been my mantra for ‘Being’. When you operate from the paradigm of unwavering Values, you are relentless in your pursuit of being and doing good, Value creation follows.

These two mantras have been opening and closing messages all through 10 years.

To sum-up, Why, What & How of Speaking, as I see/do-

o I Speak, first for Self-learning; then for Sharing & for Creating Connections!

o I Speak on all that I have Done, Known and have Learned to Enhance Understanding!

o I Speak to give an Engaging & Enriching Experience while Propagating Values!

I urge upon you to speak and share your experience and expertise. It will sure enrich all, but first it will be highly rewarding for you, as it has been for me.

Looking forward to hear from about your thoughts/plans about speaking.

Happy Speaking 😊

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The Life, Learning, Leadership

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Amlesh Ranjan

Amlesh Ranjan

The Life, Learning, Leadership

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